adjective \ˈgā\

: sexually attracted to someone who is the same sex

: of, relating to, or used by homosexuals

: happy and excited : cheerful and lively

Full Definition of GAY

a :  happily excited :  merry <in a gay mood>
b :  keenly alive and exuberant :  having or inducing high spirits <a bird's gay spring song>
a :  bright, lively <gay sunny meadows>
b :  brilliant in color
:  given to social pleasures; also :  licentious
a :  homosexual <gay men>
b :  of, relating to, or used by homosexuals <the gay rights movement> <a gay bar>
gay adverb
gay·ness noun

Examples of GAY

  1. The band was playing a gay tune.
  2. the gayest of the spring flowers

Origin of GAY

Middle English, from Anglo-French gai, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German gāhi quick, sudden
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of GAY

lively, animated, vivacious, sprightly, gay mean keenly alive and spirited. lively suggests briskness, alertness, or energy <a lively debate on the issues>. animated applies to what is spirited and active <an animated discussion of current events>. vivacious suggests an activeness of gesture and wit, often playful or alluring <a vivacious party host>. sprightly suggests lightness and spirited vigor of manner or wit <a tuneful, sprightly musical>. gay stresses complete freedom from care and overflowing spirits <the gay spirit of Paris in the 1920s>.



: a person and especially a man who is homosexual

Full Definition of GAY

:  homosexual; especially :  a homosexual male

Examples of GAY

  1. a bar that is frequented by gays

First Known Use of GAY



biographical name \ˈgā\

Definition of GAY

John 1685–1732 Eng. poet & dram.
GAYEST Defined for Kids


adjective \ˈgā\

Definition of GAY for Kids

:  merry 1, happy <Setsu grew … into a gay, willful, pretty girl. — Pearl S. Buck, The Big Wave>
:  cheerful and lively <They played a gay tune.>
:  brightly colored <a gay dress>


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