adjective \ˈgnt, ˈgänt\

: very thin usually because of illness or suffering

: plain and unpleasant in appearance : desolate and gloomy

Full Definition of GAUNT

:  excessively thin and angular <a long gaunt face>
gaunt·ly adverb
gaunt·ness noun

Examples of GAUNT

  1. He left the hospital looking tired and gaunt.
  2. a gaunt factory on the edge of town

Origin of GAUNT

Middle English
First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of GAUNT

lean, spare, lank, lanky, gaunt, rawboned, scrawny, skinny mean thin because of an absence of excess flesh. lean stresses lack of fat and of curving contours <a lean racehorse>. spare suggests leanness from abstemious living or constant exercise <the gymnast's spare figure>. lank implies tallness as well as leanness <the lank legs of the heron>. lanky suggests awkwardness and loose-jointedness as well as thinness <a lanky youth, all arms and legs>. gaunt implies marked thinness or emaciation as from overwork or suffering <a prisoner's gaunt face>. rawboned suggests a large ungainly build without implying undernourishment <a rawboned farmer>. scrawny and skinny imply an extreme leanness that suggests deficient strength and vitality <a scrawny chicken> <skinny street urchins>.

Rhymes with GAUNT

GAUNTNESS Defined for Kids


adjective \ˈgnt\

Definition of GAUNT for Kids

:  very thin and bony (as from illness or hunger) <a gaunt face>


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