verb \ˈgam-bəl\

: to run or jump in a lively way

gam·boled or gam·bolledgam·bol·ing or gam·bol·ling\-bə-liŋ also -bliŋ\

Full Definition of GAMBOL

intransitive verb
:  to skip about in play :  frisk, frolic

Examples of GAMBOL

  1. lambs gamboling in the meadow
  2. <dog owners chat while their pooches gambol on the park's great lawn>

First Known Use of GAMBOL


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Definition of GAMBOL

:  a skipping or leaping about in play

Examples of GAMBOL

  1. <she and her old college roommate headed off for one final European gambol before returning to the States to start their separate careers>

Origin of GAMBOL

modification of Middle French gambade spring of a horse, gambol, probably from Old Occitan camba leg, from Late Latin
First Known Use: circa 1510


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