noun \ˈga-lə-rē, ˈgal-rē\

: a room or building in which people look at paintings, sculptures, etc.

: a business that sells paintings, sculptures, etc.

: a group or collection of people or things

plural gal·ler·ies

Full Definition of GALLERY

a :  a roofed promenade :  colonnade
b :  corridor 1
a :  an outdoor balcony
b Southern & Midland :  porch, veranda
c :  a platform at the quarters or stern of a ship
a :  a long and narrow passage, apartment, or corridor
b :  a subterranean passageway in a cave or military mining system; also :  a working drift or level in mining
c :  an underground passage made by a mole or ant or a passage made in wood by an insect (as a beetle)
a :  a room or building devoted to the exhibition of works of art
b :  an institution or business exhibiting or dealing in works of art
c :  collection, aggregation <the rich gallery of characters in this novel — H. S. Canby>
a :  a structure projecting from one or more interior walls (as of an auditorium or church) to accommodate additional people; especially :  the highest balcony in a theater commonly having the cheapest seats
b :  the part of a theater audience seated in the top gallery
c :  the undiscriminating general public
d :  the spectators at a sporting event (as a tennis or golf match)
:  a small ornamental barrier or railing (as along the edge of a table or shelf)
:  a photographer's studio
gal·ler·ied \-rēd\ adjective
gal·lery·ite \-rē-ˌīt\ noun

Examples of GALLERY

  1. She owns a gallery downtown.
  2. The movie features a gallery of weird characters.

Origin of GALLERY

Middle English galerie, from Medieval Latin galeria, probably alteration of galilaea galilee
First Known Use: 15th century

Other Architecture Terms

buttress, casita, cornice, fanlight, garret, lintel, parapet, pilaster, plinth

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In architecture, a long, covered space open on one side, such as a portico or a colonnade. It may be recessed into a wall or elevated on columns or corbels, and it often serves as a passageway. Within an interior, a gallery may be a platform or upper floor projecting from a wall (e.g., in a legislative house) with seating for spectators. In a church nave, the long, narrow platforms supported by colonnades are called tribune galleries. In a theatre, the gallery is the highest balcony and generally has the cheapest seats. Galleries appeared in Renaissance houses as long, narrow rooms used both as promenades and to exhibit art. The modern art gallery is their descendant.


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