noun \ˌfrən-ˈtir, ˈfrən-ˌ, frän-ˈ, ˈfrän-ˌ\

: a border between two countries

: a distant area where few people live

: the limits of knowledge in a particular field

Full Definition of FRONTIER

a :  a border between two countries
b obsolete :  a stronghold on a frontier
a :  a region that forms the margin of settled or developed territory
b :  the farthermost limits of knowledge or achievement in a particular subject
c :  a line of division between different or opposed things <the frontiers separating science and the humanities — R. W. Clark>
d :  a new field for exploitative or developmental activity
frontier adjective

Examples of FRONTIER

  1. the frontier between Canada and the U.S.
  2. They were sent on an expedition to explore the western frontier.

Origin of FRONTIER

Middle English fronter, from Anglo-French frountere, fronter, from front
First Known Use: 15th century

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