adverb \ˈhwen(t)s, ˈwen(t)s\

: from where

Full Definition of WHENCE

:  from what place, source, or cause <then whence comes this paradox — Changing Times>
from whence
:  from what place, source, or cause <no one could tell me from whence the gold had come — Graham Greene>

Examples of WHENCE

  1. They returned to the land whence they came.

Origin of WHENCE

Middle English whennes, from whenne whence (from Old English hwanon) + -s, adverb suffix, from -s, genitive singular ending; akin to Old High German hwanān whence, Old English hwā who
First Known Use: 13th century



Definition of WHENCE

:  from what place, source, or cause <inquired whence the water came — Maria Edgeworth>
a :  from or out of which place, source, or cause <the lawless society whence the ballads sprang — DeLancey Ferguson>
b :  by reason of which fact :  wherefore <nothing broke— whence I infer that my bones are not yet chalky — O. W. Holmes †1935>

First Known Use of WHENCE

13th century

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