adverb \ˈhen(t)s\

: for this reason

: later than the present time

Full Definition of HENCE

:  from this place :  away
a archaic :  henceforth
b :  from this time <four years hence>
:  because of a preceding fact or premise :  therefore
:  from this source or origin
from hence
archaic :  from this place :  from this time

Examples of HENCE

  1. He knew he could not win the election—hence his decision to withdraw.
  2. The company lost a great deal of money. Hence, the CEO was asked to resign.
  3. What will life be like a century hence?
  4. Resource-rich countries don't need to levy taxes, so there is little pressure for government accountability, and hence fewer checks and balances. —Niall Ferguson, New York Times Book Review, 1 July 2007

Origin of HENCE

Middle English hennes, henne, from Old English heonan; akin to Old High German hinnan away, Old English hēr here
First Known Use: 13th century

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