adjective \ˈfri-və-ləs\

: not important : not deserving serious attention

: silly and not serious

Full Definition of FRIVOLOUS

a :  of little weight or importance
b :  having no sound basis (as in fact or law) <a frivolous lawsuit>
a :  lacking in seriousness
b :  marked by unbecoming levity
friv·o·lous·ly adverb
friv·o·lous·ness noun

Examples of FRIVOLOUS

  1. She thinks window shopping is a frivolous activity.
  2. <judges are getting sick of people bringing frivolous lawsuits>
  3. She knew that people might think her frivolous, Kitty said, to talk to some saint when she had a cooking disaster, but that was what she really believed the saints were there for. —Alice Munro, New Yorker, 8 Oct. 2001


Middle English, from Latin frivolus
First Known Use: 15th century


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