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noun form·am·ide \fȯr-ˈma-ˌmīd; ˈfȯr-mə-ˌmīd, -məd\

Definition of formamide

  1. :  a colorless hygroscopic liquid CHONH2 used chiefly as a solvent

Origin and Etymology of formamide

International Scientific Vocabulary form- + amide

First Known Use: 1852

Rhymes with formamide

Akenside, algicide, alkoxide, almond-eyed, alongside, Argus-eyed, bleary-eyed, bona fide, Christmastide, citified, citywide, classified, coincide, corporate-wide, countrified, countryside, countrywide, cut-and-dried, cyanide, deicide, demand-side, dignified, dioxide, double-wide, eagle-eyed, Eastertide, ecocide, eventide, far and wide, feticide, fratricide, freedom ride, fungicide, genocide, germicide, gimlet-eyed, glassy-eyed, goggle-eyed, googly-eyed, gospel side, great divide, harborside, herbicide, homicide, honeyguide, humified, matricide, Merseyside, misty-eyed, miticide, monoxide, mountainside, nationwide, Naugahyde, Oceanside, on the side, open-eyed, override, overstride, parricide, Passiontide, patricide, pesticide, planetwide, qualified, rarefied, raticide, regicide, riverside, Riverside, set-aside, side by side, silverside, sissified, slickenside, spermicide, starry-eyed, subdivide, suicide, supply-side, trisulfide, underside, verbicide, vermicide, viricide, waterside, Whitsuntide, wintertide

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