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noun fore·head \ˈfär-əd, ˈfȯr-; ˈfȯr-ˌhed also -ˌed\

Simple Definition of forehead

  • : the part of the face above the eyes

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of forehead

  1. 1 :  the part of the face above the eyes

  2. 2 :  the front or forepart of something <flames in the forehead of the morning sky — John Milton>

Examples of forehead in a sentence

  1. <the forehead of the ancient temple features a frieze of dramatically posed figures>

Before 12th Century

First Known Use of forehead

before 12th century

Rhymes with forehead

abed, ahead, airhead, baldhead, beachhead, bedspread, bedstead, beebread, behead, bestead, bighead, biped, blackhead, blockhead, bloodred, bloodshed, bobsled, bonehead, brain-dead, break bread, bridgehead, brown bread, bulkhead, bullhead, catch dead, cathead, childbed, clubhead, coed, cokehead, corn bread, corn-fed, cowshed, crackhead, crispbread, crisphead, crossbred, crosshead, daybed, deadhead, death's-head, deathbed, dispread, dogsled, dopehead, drop-dead, drophead, drumhead, dumbhead, egghead, embed, far-red, farmstead, fathead, flatbed, foresaid, French bread, fry bread, Gateshead, gearhead, godhead, greenhead, half-bred, hardhead, highbred, hogshead, homebred, homestead, hophead, hotbed, hothead, ill-bred, inbred, instead, jarhead, juicehead, knock dead, lamed, light bread, lowbred, lunkhead, make head, masthead, meathead, moped, naled, outspread, packthread, phys ed, pinhead, pithead, point spread, pothead, premed, printhead, purebred, quick bread, railhead, redhead, red lead, re-tread, retread, roadbed, roadstead, Roundhead, saphead, scarehead, screw thread, seabed, seedbed, sheep ked, sheepshead, sheetfed, shewbread, shortbread, sickbed, skinhead, snowshed, softhead, sorehead, spearhead, spoon bread, springhead, steelhead, straightbred, streambed, subhead, sweetbread, swellhead, thickhead, toolshed, towhead, trailhead, Turk's head, unbred, undead, unread, unsaid, unthread, untread, Volstead, warhead, webfed, well-bred, wellhead, well-read, white-bread, whitehead, white lead, widespread, wingspread, woodshed, woolshed

FOREHEAD Defined for Kids


noun fore·head \ˈfȯr-əd, ˈfȯr-ˌhed\

Definition of forehead for Students

  1. :  the part of the face above the eyes

Medical Dictionary


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noun fore·head \ˈfȯr-əd, ˈfär-; ˈfō(ə)r-ˌhed, ˈfȯ(ə)r-\

Medical Definition of forehead

  1. :  the part of the face above the eyes—called also brow, frons

Illustration of forehead

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