noun \ˈls\

: failure to keep or to continue to have something

: the experience of having something taken from you or destroyed

: money that is spent and that is more than the amount earned or received

Full Definition of LOSS

a :  the act of losing possession :  deprivation <loss of sight>
b :  the harm or privation resulting from loss or separation
c :  an instance of losing
:  a person or thing or an amount that is lost: as
a plural :  killed, wounded, or captured soldiers
b :  the power diminution of a circuit or circuit element corresponding to conversion of electrical energy into heat by resistance
a :  failure to gain, win, obtain, or utilize
b :  an amount by which the cost of something exceeds its selling price
:  decrease in amount, magnitude, or degree
:  the amount of an insured's financial detriment by death or damage that the insurer is liable for
at a loss
:  uncertain as to how to proceed <was at a loss to explain the discrepancy>
:  unable to produce what is needed <at a loss for words>
for a loss
:  into a state of distress <events had thrown him for a loss>

Examples of LOSS

  1. The storm caused widespread loss of electricity.
  2. The company's losses for the year were higher than expected.
  3. A careless error resulted in the loss of the game.
  4. The team suffered a 3–2 loss in the last game.
  5. The team has an equal number of wins and losses.
  6. the party's losses in the recent election

Origin of LOSS

Middle English los, probably back-formation from lost, past participle of losen to lose
First Known Use: 13th century

Rhymes with LOSS

FOR A LOSS Defined for Kids


noun \ˈls\

Definition of LOSS for Kids

:  the act or fact of losing something <a loss of courage>
:  harm or distress that comes from losing something or someone <We all felt the loss when he left.>
:  something that is lost <weight loss>
:  failure to win <It was the team's first loss.>
at a loss
:  unsure of how to proceed


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