noun \ˈflər-ē, ˈflə-rē\

: a brief and light snowfall

: a brief period of excitement or activity

: a large amount of something that happens or comes suddenly

plural flurries

Full Definition of FLURRY

a :  a gust of wind
b :  a brief light snowfall
a :  a brief period of commotion or excitement
b :  a sudden occurrence of many things at once :  barrage 2 <a flurry of insults>
:  a brief advance or decline in prices :  a short-lived outburst of trading activity

Examples of FLURRY

  1. We had a few flurries yesterday.
  2. <a flurry of activity on the floor of the stock market as soon as the news spread>

Origin of FLURRY

probably from flurr to throw scatteringly
First Known Use: 1686

Other Climate/Meteorology Terms

monsoon, occlusion, ozone, rime, squall, zephyr



Definition of FLURRY

transitive verb
:  to cause to become agitated and confused
intransitive verb
:  to move in an agitated or confused manner

Examples of FLURRY

  1. <flurried by visions of falls and broken bones, the parents wouldn't even allow the child to ride a bike>

First Known Use of FLURRY



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