adjective flu·ent \ˈflü-ənt\

: able to speak a language easily and very well

: done in a smooth and easy way

Full Definition of FLUENT

a :  capable of flowing :  fluid
b :  capable of moving with ease and grace <the fluent body of a dancer>
a :  capable of using a language easily and accurately <fluent in Spanish> <a fluent writer>
b :  effortlessly smooth and flowing :  polished <a fluent performance> <spoke in fluent English>
c :  having or showing mastery of a subject or skill <fluent in mathematics>
flu·ent·ly adverb

Examples of FLUENT

  1. a fluent speaker of Chinese
  2. <a very fluent speaker who always communicates his points well>

Origin of FLUENT

Latin fluent-, fluens, present participle of fluere — more at fluid
First Known Use: 1585

Rhymes with FLUENT

FLUENT Defined for Kids


adjective flu·ent \ˈflü-ənt\

Definition of FLUENT for Kids

:  able to speak easily and well <He was fluent in Spanish.>
:  smooth and correct <She speaks fluent German.>
flu·ent·ly \-ənt-lē\ adverb

Word Root of FLUENT

The Latin word fluere, meaning to flow, gives us the root flu. Words from the Latin fluere have something to do with flowing. A fluid is a substance that flows and is usually a liquid. When someone is fluent in a language the words flow out of her or him. Anything superfluous, or extra, has flowed forth beyond what is necessary.


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