noun \ˈflr-ə-ˌkəl-chər\

Definition of FLORICULTURE

:  the cultivation and management of ornamental and especially flowering plants
flo·ri·cul·tur·al \ˌflr-ə-ˈkəlch-rəl, -ˈkəl-chə-\ adjective
flo·ri·cul·tur·ist \-rist\ noun

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Branch of ornamental horticulture concerned with growing and marketing flowers and ornamental plants, as well as with flower arrangement. Because flowers and potted plants are largely produced in plant-growing structures in temperate climates, floriculture is largely thought of as a greenhouse industry; however, many flowers are cultivated outdoors. Both the production of bedding plants and the production of cuttings to be grown in greenhouses or for indoor use (foliage plants) are usually considered part of floriculture. See also nursery.


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