verb \ˈfla-tən\

: to make (something) flat or flatter

: to become flat or flatter

: to knock down (something or someone)

flat·tenedflat·ten·ing \ˈflat-niŋ, ˈfla-tə-\

Full Definition of FLATTEN

transitive verb
:  to make flat: as
a :  to make level or smooth
b :  to knock down; also :  to defeat decisively
c :  to make dull or uninspired —often used with out
d :  to make (as paint) lusterless
e :  to stabilize especially at a lower level
intransitive verb
:  to become flat or flatter: as
a :  to become dull or spiritless
b :  to extend in or into a flat position or form
c :  to become uniform or stabilized often at a new lower level —usually used with out
flat·ten·er \-nər\ noun

Examples of FLATTEN

  1. Dozens of houses were flattened by the tornado.
  2. The boxer was flattened in the seventh round.
  3. The team got flattened in the first round of the play-offs.
  4. Prices are expected to flatten after the holiday shopping season.

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