verb \ˈfī-nə-ˌlīz\

: to put (something, such as a plan or an agreement) in a final or finished form


Full Definition of FINALIZE

transitive verb
:  to put in final or finished form <soon my conclusion will be finalized — D. D. Eisenhower>
:  to give final approval to <finalizing the papers prepared … by his staff — Newsweek>
fi·nal·i·za·tion \ˌfī-nə-lə-ˈzā-shən\ noun

Usage Discussion of FINALIZE

Finalize has been frequently castigated as an unnecessary neologism or as United States government gobbledygook. It appears to have first gained currency in Australia (where it has been acceptable all along) in the early 1920s. The United States Navy picked it up in the late 20s, and from there it came into widespread use. It is a standard formation (see -ize ). Currently, it is most frequently used in government and business dealings; it usually is not found in belles-lettres.

Examples of FINALIZE

  1. They are finalizing their divorce this week.
  2. We bought our tickets and finalized our vacation plans.

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