noun fi·del·i·ty \fə-ˈde-lə-tē, fī-\

: the quality of being faithful to your husband, wife, or sexual partner

: the quality of being faithful or loyal to a country, organization, etc.

: the degree to which something matches or copies something else

plural fi·del·i·ties

Full Definition of FIDELITY

a :  the quality or state of being faithful
b :  accuracy in details :  exactness
:  the degree to which an electronic device (as a record player, radio, or television) accurately reproduces its effect (as sound or picture)

Examples of FIDELITY

  1. music with much higher fidelity than on cassettes
  2. <they have never wavered in their fidelity to the cause of freedom>
  3. Yet as Reardon emphasizes early on, fidelity to facts was never the point. The same dinner with friends could appear over and over in Fisher's published work, rejiggered each time to make a different point. —Laura Shapiro, New York Times Book Review, 12 Dec. 2004

Origin of FIDELITY

Middle English fidelite, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French fidelité, from Latin fidelitat-, fidelitas, from fidelis faithful, from fides faith, from fidere to trust — more at bide
First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of FIDELITY

fidelity, allegiance, fealty, loyalty, devotion, piety mean faithfulness to something to which one is bound by pledge or duty. fidelity implies strict and continuing faithfulness to an obligation, trust, or duty <marital fidelity>. allegiance suggests an adherence like that of citizens to their country <pledging allegiance>. fealty implies a fidelity acknowledged by the individual and as compelling as a sworn vow <fealty to the truth>. loyalty implies a faithfulness that is steadfast in the face of any temptation to renounce, desert, or betray <valued the loyalty of his friends>. devotion stresses zeal and service amounting to self-dedication <a painter's devotion to her art>. piety stresses fidelity to obligations regarded as natural and fundamental <filial piety>.

Other Audio Recording Terms

baffle, dub, transcription, treble
FIDELITY Defined for Kids


noun fi·del·i·ty \fə-ˈde-lə-tē, fī-\

Definition of FIDELITY for Kids

:  loyalty <They swore fidelity to the king.>
:  accuracy <I described the scene with fidelity.>

Word Root of FIDELITY

The Latin word fidēs, meaning faith, gives us the root fid. Words from the Latin fidēs have something to with being faithful. Fidelity is faith or loyalty. To confide in someone is to show trust in the person by telling her or him a secret. Someone who is confident has faith that he or she will do something correctly and successfully.


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