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noun fend·er \ˈfen-dər\

: a part of a vehicle that covers a wheel

: a curved piece of metal that covers a wheel of a motorcycle or bicycle

: a low metal frame or screen placed in front of an open fireplace

Full Definition of FENDER

:  a device that protects: as
a (1) :  a cushion (as foam rubber or a wood float) between a boat and a dock or between two boats that lessens shock and prevents chafing
(2) :  a pile or a row or cluster of piles placed to protect a dock or bridge pier from damage by ships or floating objects
b :  railing
c :  a device in front of locomotives and streetcars to lessen injury to animals or pedestrians in case of collision
d :  a guard over the wheel of a motor vehicle
e :  a low metal frame or a screen before an open fireplace
f :  an oblong or triangular shield of leather attached to the stirrup leather of a saddle to protect a rider's legs
fend·ered \-dərd\ adjective
fend·er·less adjective

Examples of FENDER

  1. <not wanting our brand-new cabin cruiser to get scratched, we put thick rubber fenders between it and the dock>

First Known Use of FENDER

13th century
FENDER Defined for Kids


noun fend·er \ˈfen-dər\

Definition of FENDER for Kids

:  the part of a motor vehicle or bicycle that covers a wheel


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