verb \ˈfāl\

: to not succeed : to end without success

: to not succeed as a business : to become bankrupt

: to not do (something that you should do or are expected to do)

Full Definition of FAIL

intransitive verb
a :  to lose strength :  weaken <her health was failing>
b :  to fade or die away <until our family line fails>
c :  to stop functioning normally <the patient's heart failed>
a :  to fall short <failed in his duty>
b :  to be or become absent or inadequate <the water supply failed>
c :  to be unsuccessful <the marriage failed>; specifically :  to be unsuccessful in achieving a passing grade <took the exam and failed>
d :  to become bankrupt or insolvent
transitive verb
a :  to disappoint the expectations or trust of <her friends failed her>
b :  to miss performing an expected service or function for <his wit failed him>
:  to be deficient in :  lack <never failed an invincible courage — Douglas MacArthur>
:  to leave undone :  neglect <fail to lock the door>
a :  to be unsuccessful in passing <failed chemistry>
b :  to grade (as a student) as not passing
fail·ing·ly \ˈfā-liŋ-lē\ adverb

Examples of FAIL

  1. He failed in his first attempt but succeeded in his second attempt.
  2. His first company failed, but his second company succeeded.
  3. He felt that he had failed her when she needed him most.
  4. The government has failed the voters.

Origin of FAIL

Middle English failen, from Anglo-French faillir, from Vulgar Latin *fallire, alteration of Latin fallere to deceive, disappoint
First Known Use: 13th century



Definition of FAIL

:  failure —usually used in the phrase without fail
:  a failure (as by a security dealer) to deliver or receive securities within a prescribed period after purchase or sale

First Known Use of FAIL

13th century


intransitive verb \ˈfā(ə)l\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of FAIL

:  to weaken or lose strength <her health was failing>
:  to stop functioning normally <the patient's heart failed>


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