noun \ˈāl\

: an alcoholic drink that is similar to beer

Full Definition of ALE

:  an alcoholic beverage brewed especially by rapid fermentation from an infusion of malt with the addition of hops
:  an English country festival at which ale is the principal beverage

Examples of ALE

  1. The bar serves two very different ales.

Origin of ALE

Middle English, from Old English ealu; akin to Old Norse ǫl ale, Lithuanian alus
First Known Use: before 12th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Fermented malt beverage, full-bodied and somewhat bitter, with strong flavour of hops. Until the 17th century it was an unhopped brew of yeast, water, and malt, beer being the same brew with hops added. Modern ale (now largely synonymous with beer) is made with top-fermenting yeast and processed at higher temperatures than lager beer. Pale ale has up to 5% alcohol content; the darker strong ale contains up to 6.5%.


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