noun \ˌek-spə-ˈzi-shən\

: the act of explaining something : clear explanation

: a public show or exhibition

Full Definition of EXPOSITION

:  a setting forth of the meaning or purpose (as of a writing)
a :  discourse or an example of it designed to convey information or explain what is difficult to understand
b (1) :  the first part of a musical composition in sonata form in which the thematic material of the movement is presented
(2) :  the opening section of a fugue
:  a public exhibition or show
ex·po·si·tion·al \-ˈzish-nəl, -ˈzi-shə-nəl\ adjective

Examples of EXPOSITION

  1. The subject requires some exposition.
  2. a clear exposition of his ideas
  3. the great Paris Exposition of 1899
  4. This is not an easy book, and the reader may find the layers of detail challenging. There are long expositions of the knotty tangles of monarchical lineage, and the necessary chronicle of historical events occasionally consumes the novel's narrative drive. —Lucy Lethbridge, Commonweal, 23 Oct. 2009


(see exposit)
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Performing Arts Terms

diva, dramaturgy, loge, prestidigitation, proscenium, supernumerary, zany


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