adverb \ˈe-vər\

: at any time

: at all times

: to a greater degree

Full Definition of EVER

:  always <ever striving to improve> <the ever-increasing population>
a :  at any time <more than ever before>
b :  in any way <how can I ever thank you>
—used as an intensive <looks ever so angry> <am I ever happy to see you>
ever and anon
:  from time to time :  occasionally

Examples of EVER

  1. The crime rate is higher now than it has ever been.
  2. He's forgotten all he's ever learned about history.
  3. Have you ever been to France?
  4. She's doing fine and is as pretty as ever.
  5. No one has ever seen a better example of woodwork.
  6. Has this ever been done before?
  7. Did it ever occur to you that I might like more myself?
  8. That was the worst movie I ever saw.
  9. Technology in recent years has become ever more sophisticated.
  10. The deadline draws ever closer.

Origin of EVER

Middle English, from Old English ǣfre
First Known Use: before 12th century

Related to EVER

always, aye (also ay), e'er, eternally, everlastingly, evermore, forever, forevermore, indelibly, permanently, perpetually, for good (also for good and all), for keeps
ne'er, never, nevermore

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