verb \i-ˈvād, ē-\

: to stay away from (someone or something) : to avoid (someone or something)

: to avoid dealing with or facing (something)

: to avoid doing (something required)


Full Definition of EVADE

intransitive verb
:  to slip away
:  to take refuge in escape or avoidance
transitive verb
:  to elude by dexterity or stratagem
a :  to avoid facing up to <evaded the real issues>
b :  to avoid the performance of :  dodge, circumvent; especially :  to fail to pay (taxes)
c :  to avoid answering directly :  turn aside
:  to be elusive to :  baffle <the simple, personal meaning evaded them — C. D. Lewis>
evad·able \-ˈvā-də-bəl\ adjective
evad·er noun

Examples of EVADE

  1. The criminals have so far managed to evade the police.
  2. a politician skilled at evading difficult questions
  3. The governor has been accused of evading the issue.

Origin of EVADE

Middle French & Latin; Middle French evader, from Latin evadere, from e- + vadere to go, walk — more at wade
First Known Use: 1513


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