adjective \ˌe-pə-ˈsä-dik also -ˈzä-\

: made up of many different events or episodes

: telling about many separate events

: happening or appearing at different times

Full Definition of EPISODIC

:  made up of separate especially loosely connected episodes
:  having the form of an episode
:  of or limited in duration or significance to a particular episode :  temporary <may be able to establish whether the sea-floor spreading is continuous or episodic — A. I. Hammond>
:  occurring, appearing, or changing at usually irregular intervals :  occasional <an episodic illness>
ep·i·sod·i·cal·ly \-di-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Variants of EPISODIC

ep·i·sod·ic also ep·i·sod·i·cal \-di-kəl\

Examples of EPISODIC

  1. <the long novel was filmed for television as an episodic movie that was shown over the course of five evenings>
  2. <malaria is characterized by episodic attacks of chills and fever that coincide with mass destruction of blood cells>

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Other Performing Arts Terms

diva, dramaturgy, loge, prestidigitation, proscenium, supernumerary, zany

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