verb en·trap \in-ˈtrap, en-\

: to catch (someone or something) in a trap or in something like a trap

Full Definition of ENTRAP

transitive verb
:  to catch in or as if in a trap
:  to lure into a compromising statement or act

Examples of ENTRAP

  1. We used the net to entrap a school of fish.
  2. The air bubbles were entrapped in ice.
  3. She felt that she was entrapped in an unhappy marriage.

Origin of ENTRAP

Middle French entraper, from en- + trape trap
First Known Use: 1534

Synonym Discussion of ENTRAP

catch, capture, trap, snare, entrap, ensnare, bag mean to come to possess or control by or as if by seizing. catch implies the seizing of something in motion or in flight or in hiding <caught the dog as it ran by>. capture suggests taking by overcoming resistance or difficulty <capture an enemy stronghold>. trap, snare, entrap, ensnare imply seizing by some device that holds the one caught at the mercy of the captor. trap and snare apply more commonly to physical seizing <trap animals> <snared butterflies with a net>. entrap and ensnare more often are figurative <entrapped the witness with a trick question> <a sting operation that ensnared burglars>. bag implies shooting down a fleeing or distant prey <bagged a brace of pheasants>.
ENTRAPPING Defined for Kids


verb en·trap \in-ˈtrap\

Definition of ENTRAP for Kids

:  to catch in or as if in a trap


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