verb \in-ˈhan(t)s, en-\

: to increase or improve (something)


Full Definition of ENHANCE

transitive verb
obsolete :  raise
:  heighten, increase; especially :  to increase or improve in value, quality, desirability, or attractiveness <enhanced the room with crown molding>
en·hance·ment \-ˈhan(t)-smənt\ noun

Examples of ENHANCE

  1. You can enhance the flavor of the dish by using fresh herbs.
  2. The image has been digitally enhanced to show more detail.
  3. The company is looking to enhance its earnings potential.

Origin of ENHANCE

Middle English enhauncen, from Anglo-French enhaucer, enhauncer, from Vulgar Latin *inaltiare, from Latin in + altus high — more at old
First Known Use: 13th century


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