English horn

English horn


: a musical instrument that is similar to the oboe but lower in pitch

Full Definition of ENGLISH HORN

:  a double-reed woodwind instrument resembling the oboe in design but having a longer tube and a range a fifth lower than that of the oboe

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translation of Italian corno inglese
First Known Use: 1838

English horn

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Orchestral woodwind instrument, a large oboe pitched a 5th below the ordinary oboe. It has a bent metal crook, to hold the double reed, and a bulbous bell. It is a transposing instrument (its music written in a different tone than it actually sounds) in F. It is neither English nor a horn; in its original name, cor anglais, cor (“horn”) referred to its original hornlike curved shape, but the source of anglais (“English”) is a mystery. It has remained a basically orchestral instrument since its first appearance c. 1750.


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