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verb, em·bed \im-ˈbed\

Simple Definition of embed

  • : to place or set (something) firmly in something else

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of embed

embedded also imbeddedembedding also imbedding

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 a :  to enclose closely in or as if in a matrix <fossils embedded in stone> b :  to make something an integral part of <the prejudices embedded in our language> c :  to prepare (a microscopy specimen) for sectioning by infiltrating with and enclosing in a supporting substance

  3. 2 :  to surround closely <a sweet pulp embeds the plum seed>

  4. intransitive verb
  5. :  to become embedded

embedment play \-ˈbed-mənt\ noun

Examples of embed in a sentence

  1. embed a post in concrete

  2. <the nails were solidly embedded in those old plaster walls>

Circa 1794

First Known Use of embed

circa 1794

Variants of embed

also imbed \im-ˈbed\

Rhymes with embed

abed, ahead, airhead, baldhead, beachhead, bedspread, bedstead, beebread, behead, bestead, bighead, biped, blackhead, blockhead, bloodred, bloodshed, bobsled, bonehead, brain-dead, break bread, bridgehead, brown bread, bulkhead, bullhead, catch dead, cathead, childbed, clubhead, coed, cokehead, corn bread, corn-fed, cowshed, crackhead, crispbread, crisphead, crossbred, crosshead, daybed, deadhead, death's-head, deathbed, dispread, dogsled, dopehead, drop-dead, drophead, drumhead, dumbhead, egghead, far-red, farmstead, fathead, flatbed, forehead, foresaid, French bread, fry bread, Gateshead, gearhead, godhead, greenhead, half-bred, hardhead, highbred, hogshead, homebred, homestead, hophead, hotbed, hothead, ill-bred, inbred, instead, jarhead, juicehead, knock dead, lamed, light bread, lowbred, lunkhead, make head, masthead, meathead, moped, naled, outspread, packthread, phys ed, pinhead, pithead, point spread, pothead, premed, printhead, purebred, quick bread, railhead, redhead, red lead, re-tread, retread, roadbed, roadstead, Roundhead, saphead, scarehead, screw thread, seabed, seedbed, sheep ked, sheepshead, sheetfed, shewbread, shortbread, sickbed, skinhead, snowshed, softhead, sorehead, spearhead, spoon bread, springhead, steelhead, straightbred, streambed, subhead, sweetbread, swellhead, thickhead, toolshed, towhead, trailhead, Turk's head, unbred, undead, unread, unsaid, unthread, untread, Volstead, warhead, webfed, well-bred, wellhead, well-read, white-bread, whitehead, white lead, widespread, wingspread, woodshed, woolshed

EMBED Defined for Kids


verb em·bed \im-ˈbed\

Definition of embed for Students


  1. :  to enclose in or as if in a surrounding substance <Workers embedded the posts in concrete.>

Medical Dictionary


transitive verb em·bed

Medical Definition of embed

embedded also imbedded; embedding also imbedding

  1. :  to prepare (a microscopy specimen) for sectioning by infiltrating with and enclosing in a supporting substance

embedment \-ˈbed-mənt\play noun

Variants of embed

also imbed \im-ˈbed\play

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