adjective \ē-ˈlü-siv, -ˈlü-ziv\

: hard to find or capture

: hard to understand, define, or remember

Full Definition of ELUSIVE

:  tending to elude: as
a :  tending to evade grasp or pursuit <elusive prey>
b :  hard to comprehend or define
c :  hard to isolate or identify
elu·sive·ly adverb
elu·sive·ness noun

Examples of ELUSIVE

  1. The truth may prove elusive.
  2. <the giant squid is one of the ocean's most elusive inhabitants>
  3. But for all their influence, D.C. lobbyists have failed to attain one elusive goal: public respect. —Franklin Foer, New Republic, 25 Mar. 2002

Origin of ELUSIVE

(see elusion)
First Known Use: 1719


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