noun el·der·ber·ry \ˈel-də(r)-ˌber-ē, -ˌbe-rē\

: a black or red berry that comes from a type of bush or tree with bunches of white or pink flowers

: a tree or bush that produces elderberries

Full Definition of ELDERBERRY

:  the edible black or red berrylike drupe of any of a genus (Sambucus) of shrubs or trees of the honeysuckle family bearing flat clusters of small white or pink flowers
:  a tree or shrub bearing elderberries

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Rhymes with ELDERBERRY

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ELDERBERRIES Defined for Kids


noun el·der·ber·ry \ˈel-dər-ˌber-ē\
plural el·der·ber·ries

Definition of ELDERBERRY for Kids

:  a shrub or small tree with clusters of small white flowers and a black or red berrylike fruit
:  the fruit of the elderberry
Medical Dictionary


noun el·der·ber·ry \ˈel-də(r)-ˌber-ē\
plural el·der·ber·ries

Medical Definition of ELDERBERRY

:  the edible black or red berrylike drupe of a tree or shrub of the genus Sambucus that is eaten raw or processed into preserves or wines
:  any tree or shrub of the genus Sambucus including several whose flowers or fruits were once considered to have medicinal properties—see bourtree, sambucus 2


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