adjective eco·nom·i·cal \-ˈnä-mi-kəl\

: using money, resources, etc., carefully

—used to describe a product that is not expensive to own and use

Full Definition of ECONOMICAL

archaic :  economic 1
:  marked by careful, efficient, and prudent use of resources :  thrifty <an economical shopper>
:  operating with little waste or at a saving <an economical car>

Examples of ECONOMICAL

  1. an economical way to heat your house
  2. a practical and economical solution to the problem

First Known Use of ECONOMICAL

15th century

Synonym Discussion of ECONOMICAL

sparing, frugal, thrifty, economical mean careful in the use of one's money or resources. sparing stresses abstention and restraint <sparing in the offering of advice>. frugal implies absence of luxury and simplicity of lifestyle <ran a frugal household>. thrifty stresses good management and industry <thrifty use of nonrenewable resources>. economical stresses prudent management, lack of wastefulness, and use of things to their best advantage <an economical health-care plan>.

Other Economics Terms

actuary, compound interest, globalization, indemnity, portfolio, rentier, stagflation, usurer

Rhymes with ECONOMICAL

ECONOMICAL Defined for Kids


adjective eco·nom·i·cal \ˌe-kə-ˈnä-mi-kəl, ˌē-\

Definition of ECONOMICAL for Kids

:  using what is available carefully and without waste :  frugal <economical cooking>
:  operating with little waste <an economical car>
eco·nom·i·cal·ly adverb

Synonym Discussion of ECONOMICAL

economical, thrifty, and sparing mean careful in the use of money or goods. economical means using things in the best possible way without wasting anything. <She's an economical cook who feeds us well.> thrifty is used when someone manages things well and is industrious. <A thrifty shopper can save money.> sparing is used when someone spends or uses as little as possible. <They are very sparing in giving money to charity.>


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