noun \ˈeb\

: the time when the tide flows out from the land

: a low point or condition : a condition of weakness, failure, etc.

Full Definition of EBB

:  the reflux of the tide toward the sea
:  a point or condition of decline <our spirits were at a low ebb>

Examples of EBB

  1. Morale seems to have reached its lowest ebb.
  2. <a surprising ebb in the quality of workmanship in goods coming from that country>

Origin of EBB

Middle English ebbe, from Old English ebba; akin to Middle Dutch ebbe ebb, Old English of from — more at of
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with EBB



of a tide : to flow outward from the land

: to get worse

Full Definition of EBB

intransitive verb
:  to recede from the flood
:  to fall from a higher to a lower level or from a better to a worse state <his popularity ebbed>

Examples of EBB

  1. waiting for the tide to ebb
  2. <the fortunes of the town slowly ebbed as factory after textile factory closed>

First Known Use of EBB

before 12th century


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