adjective \ˈərth-lē\

: having to do with life on the Earth

: imaginable or possible

Full Definition of EARTHLY

a :  characteristic of or belonging to this earth
b :  relating to the human race's actual life on this earth
:  possible <of what earthly use is it?>
earth·li·ness noun

Examples of EARTHLY

  1. <a sermon against our obsession with earthly pursuits>

First Known Use of EARTHLY

before 12th century

Synonym Discussion of EARTHLY

earthly, worldly, mundane mean belonging to or characteristic of the earth. earthly often implies a contrast with what is heavenly or spiritual <abandoned earthly concerns and entered a convent>. worldly and mundane both imply a relation to the immediate concerns and activities of human beings, worldly suggesting tangible personal gain or gratification <worldly goods> and mundane suggesting reference to the immediate and practical <a mundane discussion of finances>.


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