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dress shirt


Simple Definition of dress shirt

  • : a man's shirt that is usually worn with a necktie

  • : a man's formal white shirt that is worn with a bow tie

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of dress shirt

  1. :  a man's shirt especially for wear with evening dress; broadly :  a shirt suitable for wear with a necktie


First Known Use of dress shirt


Rhymes with dress shirt

advert, alert, assert, avert, bellwort, birthwort, Blackshirt, brownshirt, bush shirt, camp shirt, colewort, concert, convert, covert, desert, dessert, dissert, divert, evert, exert, expert, exsert, figwort, fleawort, glasswort, hair shirt, Hastert, hornwort, inert, insert, invert, lousewort, lungwort, madwort, milkwort, mugwort, nightshirt, outskirt, overt, pay dirt, pervert, pilewort, ragwort, redshirt, revert, ribwort, saltwort, sandwort, Schubert, seagirt, sea squirt, soapwort, spearwort, spleenwort, stitchwort, stonewort, stuffed shirt, subvert, sweatshirt, toothwort, T-shirt, ungirt

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