noun \ˈdäj\

: a clever or dishonest trick done in order to avoid something

Full Definition of DODGE

:  an act of evading by sudden bodily movement
a :  an artful device to evade, deceive, or trick
b :  expedient

Examples of DODGE

  1. It was just another dodge to get out of working.
  2. <just another dodge to get out of working in the yard>

Origin of DODGE

origin unknown
First Known Use: 1575

Rhymes with DODGE



: to move quickly to one side in order to avoid being hit by (someone or something)

: to move quickly in order to avoid being hit, seen, stopped, etc.

: to get away from or avoid (someone or something) in a skillful or dishonest way


Full Definition of DODGE

intransitive verb
a :  to move to and fro or from place to place usually in an irregular course <dodged through the crowd>
b :  to make a sudden movement in a new direction (as to evade a blow) <dodged behind the door>
:  to evade a responsibility or duty especially by trickery or deceit
transitive verb
a :  to evade by a sudden or repeated shift of position <dodge tacklers>
b :  to avoid an encounter with <celebrities dodging the media>
:  to evade (as a duty) usually indirectly or by trickery <dodged the draft by leaving the country> <dodged questions>
dodge a bullet also dodge the bullet
:  to narrowly avoid an unwelcome, harmful, or disastrous outcome or occurrence <coastal towns dodged a bullet when the hurricane veered out to sea>

Examples of DODGE

  1. He dodged the first punch but was hit by the second.
  2. She dodged through the crowds as she hurried home.
  3. We dodged between the cars as we raced across the street.
  4. They managed to dodge the reporters by leaving through the back exit.
  5. She accused him of dodging his responsibilities as a parent.

First Known Use of DODGE



biographical name \ˈdäj\

Definition of DODGE

Mary Elizabeth 1831–1905 née Mapes \ˈmāps\ Am. author

Rhymes with DODGE


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