verb \di-ˈzälv, -ˈzlv also -ˈzäv or -ˈzv\

of something solid : to mix with a liquid and become part of the liquid

: to officially end (something, such as a marriage, organization, or agreement)

: to end or disappear or cause (something) to end or disappear

Full Definition of DISSOLVE

transitive verb
a :  to cause to disperse or disappear :  destroy <do not dissolve and deface the laws of charity — Francis Bacon>
b :  to separate into component parts :  disintegrate
c :  to bring to an end :  terminate <dissolve parliament>
d :  annul <dissolve an injunction>
a :  to cause to pass into solution <dissolve sugar in water>
b :  melt, liquefy
c :  to cause to be emotionally moved
d :  to cause to fade in or out in a dissolve
archaic :  detach, loosen
:  to clear up <dissolve a problem>
intransitive verb
a :  to become dissipated or decomposed
b :  break up, disperse
c :  to fade away
a :  to become fluid :  melt
b :  to pass into solution
c :  to be overcome emotionally <dissolved into tears>
d :  to resolve itself as if by dissolution <hate dissolved into fear>
e :  to change by a dissolve <the scene dissolves to a Victorian parlor>
dis·solv·able \-ˈzäl-və-bəl, -ˈzl-\ adjective
dis·sol·vent \-ˈzäl-vənt, -ˈzl-\ noun or adjective
dis·solv·er noun

Examples of DISSOLVE

  1. Dissolve the tablet in water.
  2. Hopes for peace dissolved in renewed violence.
  3. His kind words dissolved her sadness.
  4. The treatment is used to dissolve kidney stones.

Origin of DISSOLVE

Middle English, from Latin dissolvere, from dis- + solvere to loosen — more at solve
First Known Use: 14th century



Definition of DISSOLVE

:  a gradual superimposing of one motion-picture or television shot upon another on a screen

First Known Use of DISSOLVE


Other Broadcasting Terms

continuity, fade, feed, remote, residual, spike, wipe


verb \diz-ˈälv, -ˈlv\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of DISSOLVE

transitive verb
: to cause to pass into solution <dissolve sugar in water>
: to cause to melt or liquefy
intransitive verb
: to become fluid
: to pass into solution
dis·solv·able \-ˈäl-və-bəl, -ˈl-\ adjective
dis·solv·er noun


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