verb \ˌdis-ri-ˈgärd\

: to ignore (something) or treat (something) as unimportant

Full Definition of DISREGARD

transitive verb
:  to pay no attention to :  treat as unworthy of regard or notice

Examples of DISREGARD

  1. Please disregard what I said before.
  2. He disregarded his father's advice and left school.
  3. Some students completely disregard the rules of the school.

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: the act of ignoring something or treating something as unimportant

Full Definition of DISREGARD

:  the act of disregarding :  the state of being disregarded :  neglect
dis·re·gard·ful \-fəl\ adjective

Examples of DISREGARD

  1. They treated the rules with complete disregard.
  2. <revelers firing guns in the air with complete disregard for the possible consequences>

First Known Use of DISREGARD



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