verb \(ˌ)dis-ˈgrj\

: to empty whatever is in the stomach through the mouth

: to let out or release (something)

: to flow out

Full Definition of DISGORGE

transitive verb
a :  to discharge by the throat and mouth :  vomit
b :  to discharge or let go of rapidly or forcefully <the train disgorged its passengers>
c :  to give up on request or under pressure <refused to disgorge his ill-gotten gains>
:  to discharge the contents of (as the stomach)
intransitive verb
:  to discharge contents <where the river disgorges into the sea>

Examples of DISGORGE

  1. We watched the airplane disgorging its passengers at the gate.
  2. The damaged ship disgorged thousands of gallons of oil into the bay.
  3. The river disgorges into the ocean just south of the city.

Origin of DISGORGE

Middle French desgorger, from des- dis- + gorge gorge
First Known Use: 15th century


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