noun di·rec·tor \də-ˈrek-tər, dī-\

: a person who manages an organized group of people or a part of an organization (such as a school or business)

: one of a group of managers who control a company or corporation

: a person who directs a play, movie, etc.

Full Definition of DIRECTOR

:  one who directs: as
a :  the head of an organized group or administrative unit (as a bureau or school)
b :  one of a group of persons entrusted with the overall direction of a corporate enterprise
c :  a person who supervises the production of a show (as for stage or screen) usually with responsibility for action, lighting, music, and rehearsals
d :  conductor c
di·rec·tor·ship \-ˌship\ noun

Examples of DIRECTOR

  1. The company will hire a new director of marketing.
  2. She's the director of graduate studies at the university.
  3. She's considered one of the best young directors in Hollywood.

First Known Use of DIRECTOR

15th century
DIRECTOR Defined for Kids


noun di·rec·tor \də-ˈrek-tər, dī-\

Definition of DIRECTOR for Kids

:  a person who manages something <a day care director>
:  a person in charge of making a movie or play
Medical Dictionary


noun di·rec·tor \də-ˈrek-tər, dī-\

Medical Definition of DIRECTOR

:  an instrument grooved to guide and limit the motion of a surgical knife
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