adjective dip·lo·mat·ic \ˌdi-plə-ˈma-tik\

: involving the work of maintaining good relations between the governments of different countries : of or relating to diplomats or their work

: not causing bad feelings : having or showing an ability to deal with people politely

Full Definition of DIPLOMATIC

a :  paleographic
b :  exactly reproducing the original <a diplomatic edition>
:  of, relating to, or concerned with diplomacy or diplomats <diplomatic relations>
:  employing tact and conciliation especially in situations of stress
dip·lo·mat·i·cal·ly \-ti-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Examples of DIPLOMATIC

  1. Negotiators are working to restore full diplomatic relations.
  2. <a diplomatic attempt at preventing any hurt feelings>


in sense 1, from New Latin diplomaticus, from Latin diplomat-, diploma; in other senses, from French diplomatique connected with documents regulating international relations, from New Latin diplomaticus
First Known Use: 1711

Synonym Discussion of DIPLOMATIC

suave, urbane, diplomatic, bland, smooth, politic mean pleasantly tactful and well-mannered. suave suggests a specific ability to deal with others easily and without friction <a suave public relations coordinator>. urbane implies high cultivation and poise coming from wide social experience <an urbane traveler>. diplomatic stresses an ability to deal with ticklish situations tactfully <a diplomatic negotiator>. bland emphasizes mildness of manner and absence of irritating qualities <a bland master of ceremonies>. smooth suggests often a deliberately assumed suavity <a smooth salesman>. politic implies shrewd as well as tactful and suave handling of people <a cunningly politic manager>.

Other Government and Politics Terms

agent provocateur, agitprop, autarky, cabal, egalitarianism, federalism, hegemony, plenipotentiary, popular sovereignty, socialism
DIPLOMATIC Defined for Kids


adjective dip·lo·mat·ic \ˌdi-plə-ˈma-tik\

Definition of DIPLOMATIC for Kids

:  of or relating to keeping good relations between the governments of different countries
:  not causing bad feelings <a diplomatic answer> <a diplomatic manager>
dip·lo·mat·i·cal·ly \-ti-kə-lē\ adverb <He resolved the situation diplomatically.>


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