noun \də-ˈmen(t)-shən also dī-\

: the length, width, height, or depth of something : a measurement in one direction (such as the distance from the ceiling to the floor in a room)

: the amount or number of things that something affects or influences

: a part of something

Full Definition of DIMENSION

a (1) :  measure in one direction; specifically :  one of three coordinates determining a position in space or four coordinates determining a position in space and time (2) :  one of a group of properties whose number is necessary and sufficient to determine uniquely each element of a system of usually mathematical entities (as an aggregate of points in real or abstract space) <the surface of a sphere has two dimensions>; also :  a parameter or coordinate variable assigned to such a property <the three dimensions of momentum> (3) :  the number of elements in a basis of a vector space
b :  the quality of spatial extension :  magnitude, size
c :  a lifelike or realistic quality
d :  the range over which or the degree to which something extends :  scope —usually used in plural
e :  one of the elements or factors making up a complete personality or entity :  aspect
obsolete :  bodily form or proportions
:  any of the fundamental units (as of mass, length, or time) on which a derived unit is based; also :  the power of such a unit
:  wood or stone cut to pieces of specified size
:  a level of existence or consciousness
di·men·sion·al \-ˈmench-nəl, -ˈmen(t)-shə-nəl\ adjective
di·men·sion·al·i·ty \-ˌmen(t)-shə-ˈna-lə-tē\ noun
di·men·sion·al·ly \-ˈmench-nə-lē, -ˈmen(t)-shə-nəl-ē\ adverb
di·men·sion·less \-ˈmen(t)-shən-ləs\ adjective

Examples of DIMENSION

  1. She carefully measured each dimension of the room.
  2. The social dimensions of the problem must also be taken into account.


Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin dimension-, dimensio, from dimetiri to measure out, from dis- + metiri to measure — more at measure
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Mathematics and Statistics Terms

abscissa, denominator, divisor, equilateral, exponent, hypotenuse, logarithm, oblique, radii, rhomb


di·men·sioneddi·men·sion·ing \-ˈmen(t)-shə-niŋ\

Definition of DIMENSION

transitive verb
:  to form to the required dimensions
:  to indicate the dimensions of (as on a drawing)

First Known Use of DIMENSION


Rhymes with DIMENSION


noun \də-ˈmen-chən also dī-\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of DIMENSION

: measure in one direction; specifically : one of three or four coordinates determining a position in space or space and time


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

In mathematics, a number indicating the fewest coordinates necessary to identify a point in a geometric space; more generally, a number indicating a measurement of length (see length, area, and volume). One-dimensional space can be represented by a numbered line, on which a single number identifies a point. In two-dimensional space, a coordinate system may be superimposed, requiring only two numbers to identify a point. Three numbers suffice in three-dimensional space, and so on.


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