adjective \ˈdē-vē-əs, -vyəs\

: willing to lie and trick people in order to get what is wanted

: not straight or direct : having many twists and turns

Full Definition of DEVIOUS

a :  wandering, roundabout <a devious path>
b :  moving without a fixed course :  errant <devious breezes>
a :  deviating from a right, accepted, or common course <devious conduct>
b :  not straightforward :  cunning <a devious politician>; also :  deceptive <a devious trick>
de·vi·ous·ly adverb
de·vi·ous·ness noun

Examples of DEVIOUS

  1. a dishonest and devious politician
  2. He took us by a devious route to the center of the city.

Origin of DEVIOUS

Latin devius, from de from + via way — more at de-, way
First Known Use: 1599

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