adjective \ˈer-ənt, ˈe-rənt\

: behaving wrongly

: going outside the proper area

sports : not going in the intended direction : not accurate

Full Definition of ERRANT

:  traveling or given to traveling <an errant knight>
a :  straying outside the proper path or bounds <an errant calf>
b :  moving about aimlessly or irregularly <an errant breeze>
c :  behaving wrongly <an errant child>
d :  fallible
errant noun
er·rant·ly adverb

Examples of ERRANT

  1. <what he considers to be no more than errant conduct toward women would be regarded as sexual harassment by most people>
  2. <the errant gunslinger as a standard character in western novels>

Origin of ERRANT

Middle English erraunt, from Anglo-French errant, present participle of errer to err & errer to travel, from Late Latin iterare, from Latin iter road, journey — more at itinerant
First Known Use: 14th century

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