noun \ˈdüs also ˈdyüs\

: a playing card that has the number two on it or two symbols on it

tennis : a situation in which each side has a score of 40

—used to make a question or statement more forceful

Full Definition of DEUCE

a (1) :  the face of a die that bears two spots (2) :  a playing card bearing an index number two
b :  a throw of the dice yielding two points
:  a tie in tennis after each side has scored 40 requiring two consecutive points by one side to win
[obsolete English deuce bad luck]
a :  devil, dickens —used chiefly as a mild oath <what the deuce is he up to now>
b :  something notable of its kind <a deuce of a mess>

Examples of DEUCE

  1. She beat her opponent after eight deuces.

Origin of DEUCE

Middle English dewes, from Anglo-French deus two, from Latin duos, accusative masculine of duo two — more at two
First Known Use: 15th century

Other Game Terms

bezique, carom, convention, crap, euchre, gambit, monte, parlay, tierce



Definition of DEUCE

transitive verb
:  to bring the score of (a tennis game or set) to deuce

First Known Use of DEUCE



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