noun \1 & 2 are ˈde-(ˌ)pō also ˈdē-, 3 is ˈdē- sometimes ˈde-\

: a train or bus station

: a place where military supplies are kept or where soldiers are trained

: a place where goods are stored

Full Definition of DEPOT

a :  a place for storing goods or motor vehicles
b :  store, cache <a fat depot in the body>
a :  a place for the storage of military supplies
b :  a place for the reception and forwarding of military replacements
:  a building for railroad or bus passengers or freight

Examples of DEPOT

  1. <a distribution depot for auto parts>
  2. <the guns and ammunition were stored in a depot in Concord>

Origin of DEPOT

French dépôt, from Middle French depost, from Medieval Latin depositum, from Latin, neuter of depositus
First Known Use: 1795

Other Railroad Terms

cowcatcher, cupola, gauge, vestibule, yard


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