verb \di-ˈpli\

: to organize and send out (people or things) to be used for a particular purpose

: to open up and spread out the parts of (something, such as a parachute)

Full Definition of DEPLOY

transitive verb
a :  to extend (a military unit) especially in width
b :  to place in battle formation or appropriate positions
:  to spread out, utilize, or arrange for a deliberate purpose <deploy a sales force> <deploy a parachute>
intransitive verb
:  to move, spread out, or function while being deployed <the troops deployed along the front> <the parachute failed to deploy>
de·ploy·able \-ə-bəl\ adjective
de·ploy·ment \-mənt\ noun

Examples of DEPLOY

  1. The troops were deployed for battle.
  2. They plan to deploy more American soldiers over the next six months.
  3. Two scientists were deployed to study the problem.
  4. Both campaigns are deploying volunteers to the cities to encourage people to vote.
  5. Equipment and supplies have been deployed across the country.
  6. He deploys several arguments to prove his point.
  7. Wait several seconds before deploying the parachute.
  8. The boat's sails were not fully deployed.
  9. The parachute failed to deploy properly.

Origin of DEPLOY

French déployer, literally, to unfold, from Old French desploier, from des- dis- + ploier, plier to fold — more at ply
First Known Use: 1616


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