verb \di-ˈpikt, dē-\

: to show (someone or something) in a picture, painting, photograph, etc.

: to describe (someone or something) using words, a story, etc.

Full Definition of DEPICT

transitive verb
:  to represent by or as if by a picture <a mural depicting a famous battle>
:  describe 1
de·pic·ter \-ˈpik-tər\ noun
de·pic·tion \-ˈpik-shən\ noun

Examples of DEPICT

  1. The wall was painted with a large mural depicting famous scenes from American history.
  2. Several of the architect's most famous buildings will soon be depicted on postage stamps.
  3. The photograph depicts the two brothers standing in front of a store.
  4. Angels are usually depicted with wings.
  5. In the drawing, the magic cap was depicted as a soft, black hat.
  6. The movie depicts the life of early settlers.
  7. I like the way she depicts the characters in her novels.

Origin of DEPICT

Latin depictus, past participle of depingere, from de- + pingere to paint — more at paint
First Known Use: 15th century


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