verb \di-ˈmä-lish\

: to destroy (a building, bridge, etc.) : to forcefully tear down or take apart (a structure)

: to damage (something) so that it cannot be repaired

: to eat all of (something) quickly

Full Definition of DEMOLISH

transitive verb
a :  tear down, raze
b :  to break to pieces :  smash
a :  to do away with :  destroy
b :  to strip of any pretense of merit or credence
de·mol·ish·er noun
de·mol·ish·ment \-lish-mənt\ noun

Examples of DEMOLISH

  1. The old factory was demolished to make way for a new parking lot.
  2. Tons of explosives were used to demolish the building.
  3. The town hopes to restore the old theater rather than have it demolished.
  4. The car was demolished in the accident.
  5. They demolished the other team 51–7.

Origin of DEMOLISH

Middle French demoliss-, stem of demolir, from Latin demoliri, from de- + moliri to construct, from moles mass — more at mole
First Known Use: 1570

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