verb per·ish \ˈper-ish, ˈpe-rish\

: to die or be killed

: to disappear or be destroyed : to cease to exist

: to slowly break apart by a natural process

Full Definition of PERISH

intransitive verb
:  to become destroyed or ruined :  cease to exist <recollection of a past already long since perished — Philip Sherrard> <guard against your mistakes or your attempts (perish the thought) to cheat — C. B. Davis>
chiefly British :  deteriorate, spoil
transitive verb
chiefly British :  to cause to die :  destroy
:  weaken, benumb

Examples of PERISH

  1. Two people perished in the fire.
  2. The sailors perished at sea.
  3. The civilization perished after 500 years.
  4. Many ancient languages have perished over time.
  5. The rubber will perish with age.

Origin of PERISH

Middle English perisshen, from Anglo-French periss-, stem of perir, from Latin perire, from per- detrimentally + ire to go — more at per-, issue
First Known Use: 13th century

Rhymes with PERISH

PERISH Defined for Kids


verb per·ish \ˈper-ish\

Definition of PERISH for Kids

:  to become destroyed :  die <Dinosaurs perished long ago.> <The language slowly perished.>


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