adjective de·mand·ing

: requiring much time, attention, or effort

: expecting much time, attention, effort, etc., from other people : hard to satisfy

Full Definition of DEMANDING

:  requiring much time, effort, or attention :  exacting <a demanding job> <demanding customers>
de·mand·ing·ly \-ˈman-diŋ-lē\ adverb
de·mand·ing·ness noun

Examples of DEMANDING

  1. She had a demanding schedule with little free time.
  2. Factory work can be physically demanding.
  3. I have heard it is one of the most demanding courses at the university.
  4. Their boss was really demanding, often expecting them to work long into the night.

First Known Use of DEMANDING

DEMANDINGLY Defined for Kids


adjective de·mand·ing \di-ˈman-diŋ\

Definition of DEMANDING for Kids

:  requiring or expecting much effort <a demanding teacher>


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